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I enjoy writing for a wide variety of contexts — for public online media articles, for advocacy and technical publications, and for the scholarly community.

A selection of my favorite writings and co-authored pieces available via open online access are listed below. Further publications and information on related co-authors and organizations are available on Google Scholar, Academia.edu, and LinkedIn.

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book chapter

Making Visible: Reflexive Narratives at the Manzanar U.S. National Historic Site
by Rachel Daniell

(in Silence, Screen, and Spectacle: Rethinking Social Memory in the Age of Information, Berghahn Books 2014)

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co-authored journal article

Memory | Materiality | Sensuality
by Lindsey A Freeman, Benjamin Nienass, and Rachel Daniell

(in Memory Studies, January 2016 9.1)

List of Publications


Daniell, Rachel. “Forensic Chronotopes” (work in progress/early drafts) in preparation
Daniell, Rachel. “Metadata as Narrative, Metadata as Dimensional Form, Metadata as Visibility” (work in progress) in preparation
Daniell, Rachel. “Every Day After Was September 12th.” (work in progress) in preparation
Rizvi, Uzma, Can Sucuoglu, and Rachel Daniell. “Documenting Mohenjo-Daro: Digitization and Visualization of Architecture, Infrastructure, and Artefacts from DK-G South.” Ancient India, Vol 5: Recent Advances in Harappan Archaeology. Archaeological Survey of India, Delhi. (in press) 2021
Freeman, Lindsey, Benjamin Nienass and Rachel Daniell. “Memory | Materiality | Sensuality.” Memory Studies, January 2016, v9:3-12. (Peer-Reviewed Journal Article) 2016
Freeman, Lindsey, Benjamin Nienass and Rachel Daniell, eds. Memory Studies, January 2016, v9(1). (Special Journal Issue) 2016
Daniell, Rachel. “Making Visible: Reflexive Narratives at the Manzanar U.S. National Historic Site.” In Silence, Screen, and Spectacle: Rethinking Collective Memory in the Age of Information edited by Lindsey Freeman, Benjamin Nienass, & Rachel Daniell. Remapping Cultural History Vol 14, New York: Berghahn Books. (Peer-Reviewed Book Chapter) 2014
Freeman, Lindsey, Benjamin Nienass and Rachel Daniell, eds. Silence, Screen, and Spectacle: Rethinking Social Memory in the Age of Information. Remapping Cultural History Vol 14. New York: Berghahn Books. Hardcover 2014, paperback 2016. (Edited Volume) 2014
Daniell, Rachel. “Violent Terms: Examining the Language of ‘Law’ and ‘Torture’ in the Bush Administration.” Anthropology News, September 26, 2012. (Professional Association Magazine Article) 2012
Daniell, Rachel. “Engaging Archival Power: Creative Time’s ‘Social Practices Archive’ and the Living as Form Project.” e-misférica 9.1: On the Subject of Archives, summer 2012. (Review Essay) 2012
Daniell, Rachel. “Review: The Memory of State Terrorism in the Southern Cone by Francesca Lessa and Vincent Druliolle.” Memory Studies 5:3, Sage Publications, July 2012. (Invited Book Review) 2012


The Forensic Border Coalition. The South Texas Cemetery Survey: An Investigation into Unidentified Remains and Unidentified Burials. (work in progress—Co-Author, Technical Report) in preparation
Equipo Argentino de Antropología Forense (EAAF). Nuevas tecnologías en búsqueda forense: Recursos para la crisis de desapariciones en México (New Technologies in Forensic Search: Resources for the Crisis of Disappearance in Mexico). (Chapter Co-Author,  Technical Report) 2021
Doretti, Mercedes, Carmen Osorno Solís, and Rachel Daniell. “The Border Project: Towards a Regional Forensic Mechanism for the Identification of Missing Migrants.” In Fatal Journeys 3: Part 1: Improving Data on Missing Migrants. Edited by the International Organization for Migration (IOM). (Co-Author, Book Chapter) 2017


Freeman, Lindsey, Benjamin Nienass, and Rachel Daniell. “The Ghostly City: Encounters with Material Memory.” In “i” edited by Maricruz Alarcón, Pieter Paul Pothoven, and Ilyn Wong, for the gallery exhibition “I scarcely have the right to use this ghostly verb,” The New School, April 2014. (Essay) 2014
Ruggiero, Greg and Rachel Daniell, eds.. “Dear President Bush” by Cindy Sheehan. New York: Open Media. (Pamphlet) 2005